What is another word for literary critics?

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Literary critics play an important role in analyzing and interpreting works of literature. However, there are various synonyms for the term "literary critics" that can further define their role. Some of these include literary experts, literary analysts, literary scholars, and literary evaluators. These professionals examine the elements of literature including plot, characters, language, and themes, in order to understand the significance of a literary work. They offer their insights and perspectives on various aspects of literature to help readers understand and appreciate the artform. By using these various synonyms for "literary critics", we can gain a greater appreciation for the diverse and multifaceted nature of literary criticism.

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Famous quotes with Literary critics

  • The prevailing situation of criticism ... has given rise to a cult of professional expertise whose effect in general is pernicious. For the intellectual class, expertise has usually been a service rendered, and sold, to the central authority of society. This is the of which Julien Benda spoke in the 1920s. Expertise in foreign affairs, for example, has usually meant the legitimization of the conduct of foreign policy and, what is more to the point, a sustained investment in revalidating the role of experts in foreign affairs. The same sort of thing is true of literary critics and professional humanists, except that their expertise is based upon noninterference in what Vico grandly calls the world of nations but which prosaically might just as well be called “the world.” We tell our students and our general constituency that we defend the classics, the virtues of a liberal education, and the precious pleasures of literature even as we also show ourselves to be silent (perhaps incompetent) about the historical and social world in which all these things take place. ...
    Edward Said

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