What is another word for lollipop?

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[ lˈɒlɪpˌɒp], [ lˈɒlɪpˌɒp], [ l_ˈɒ_l_ɪ_p_ˌɒ_p]

Lollipops, also known as "suckers," "candy sticks," or "sugar pops," are a sweet treat loved by many. These sugary confections can also go by other names depending on their flavor or shape, such as "peppermint stick," "cherry drop," or "gumball pop." Some lollipops are also marketed by their brand name, such as "Tootsie Roll Pops" or "Dum Dums." In certain cultures, lollipops may also be referred to as "bonbons," "sweets," or "candies." No matter the name, these colorful and flavorful treats are a popular choice for satisfying a sweet tooth craving.

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Usage examples for Lollipop

"Now, you gentlemen can save a lot of time if you just line up across the river," said my father, "and I'll be along to give you each a lollipop."
"My Father's Dragon"
Ruth Stiles Gannett
As my father was fixing the seventeenth lollipop for the last crocodile he heard a wild boar scream, Look, it came this way!
"My Father's Dragon"
Ruth Stiles Gannett
Partly because he had finished his lollipop, and partly because, as I told you before, crocodiles are very moody and not the least bit dependable and are always looking for something to eat, the first crocodile had turned away from the bank and started swimming down the river.
"My Father's Dragon"
Ruth Stiles Gannett

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