What is another word for LONG HOTS?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒŋ hˈɒts] (IPA)

Long hots, also known as long peppers or banana peppers, are a variety of mild chili peppers that are elongated in shape. These peppers are characterized by their smooth skin and thin walls, making them ideal for various culinary uses. Long hots are often used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, lending a mild heat and tangy flavor to dishes. While "long hots" is the commonly used term, they are interchangeably referred to as "banana peppers" due to their elongated and curved shape resembling a banana. Overall, these versatile peppers offer a great alternative to add a touch of spiciness and unique flavor to your favorite recipes.

What are the opposite words for LONG HOTS?

Long hots are a type of chili pepper with a mild to medium heat level. The antonyms for long hots are sweet, mild, or non-spicy peppers. Examples of sweet peppers could be bell peppers, banana peppers, or pimento peppers. Milder peppers could include jalapenos or poblano peppers. Non-spicy peppers could include sweet banana peppers or bell peppers. These alternative peppers can be used in dishes that require the heat level of long hots but without the spice. It's important to note that the flavor profile of these antonyms may differ from long hots, so adjustments may need to be made to recipes when using these substitutes.

What are the antonyms for Long hots?

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