What is another word for long-distance call?

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A long-distance call is a telephone call made to a destination that is far away from the caller's location. The phrase is often used to differentiate calls made within the local area from calls made over a greater distance. Synonyms for long-distance call include international call, out-of-town call, long-haul call, long-run call, distance call, and faraway call. In addition, the term "trunk call" is used in some countries to refer to long-distance calls made over the network of telephone lines called "trunks." Other variations of the term include "distant call," "telecommunication call," and "dialing out." These synonyms may vary depending on the location and cultural context of the speaker.

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How to use "Long-distance call" in context?

No matter where you are in the world, you can make a long-distance call if you have the right number. You may need to purchase a prepaid phone card or use your phone's roaming capabilities. Here are some tips for making a long-distance call:

- First, make sure that you have the correct number for your destination. You can find this information on your phone's dial pad, in thecall history, or online.

- Next, plug your phone into an outlet and turn it on.

- Now dial the long-distance number. Start by dialing the area code, then the number.

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