What is another word for mail truck?

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Mail truck is a common term used to refer to the vehicle used to deliver mail. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this type of vehicle. One alternative term that is sometimes used is mail van, which is a smaller version of a delivery truck used by postal workers to deliver mail to homes and businesses. Another term that could be used is postal vehicle or postal truck, which are more generic terms that can refer to any type of vehicle used by the postal service to deliver mail. Other less common synonyms for mail truck include postal car, delivery wagon, and mail buggy.

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    How to use "Mail truck" in context?

    Mail truck has always been essential to the postal service. Apart from delivering mail, it is also used to transport mailboxes and other mailrelated equipment.

    Mail truck is essentially a large truck that is used to transport mail. It typically has a large bed that can be loaded with mail boxes or other mail-related equipment. The truck also has room on the roof to store mailboxes.

    The truck is typically driven by a postal worker. The truck is generally very reliable and can be counted on to get the mail to its destination on time.

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