What is another word for matrilocal?

Pronunciation: [mˈatɹɪlˌɒkə͡l] (IPA)

When looking for alternatives to the term "matrilocal", there are various synonyms that can be employed to convey a similar meaning. One such term is "matrifocal", which refers to societies where the mother plays a central and influential role in the family and kinship structures. For a more specific alternative, "uxorilocal" can be used to describe societal patterns where the husband relocates to his wife's family home after marriage. Additionally, the synonym "gyneolocal" signifies a similar concept, highlighting the practice of the husband moving to live with his wife's family. These alternate terms contribute to a comprehensive understanding of different social structures and cultural practices that emphasize the role of the mother and wife within specific societies.

What are the opposite words for matrilocal?

Matrilocal refers to a society where a married couple resides with the wife's family. Antonyms of the word "matrilocal" include "patrilocal," where the married couple lives with the husband's family, "bilocality," where the couple alternates living between each other's families, and "neolocality," where the couple establishes a new residence not connected to either family. These terms reflect different patterns of family structure and social organization, with each emphasizing unique cultural values and expectations. Understanding antonyms of the word "matrilocal" helps in appreciating the diversity of family units across societies and how they shape gender roles, social relationships, and inheritance patterns.

What are the antonyms for Matrilocal?

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