What is another word for mealymouthed?

154 synonyms found


[ mˈiːlɪmˌa͡ʊðd], [ mˈiːlɪmˌa‍ʊðd], [ m_ˈiː_l_ɪ_m_ˌaʊ_ð_d]

Synonyms for Mealymouthed:

How to use "Mealymouthed" in context?

Mealy mouth is a type of speech characterized by a lack of words, often because the speaker is hesitant to express themselves. The term may also be used to describe someone who is too polite or who talks too much without saying anything of worth. People with mealy mouth often find it hard to be frank or to take risks, which can make them difficult to associate with.

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