What is another word for Mediterranean Cypress?

Pronunciation: [mˌɛdɪtɪɹˈe͡ɪni͡ən sˈa͡ɪpɹəs] (IPA)

The Mediterranean Cypress is a tall, cone-shaped evergreen tree that is native to the Mediterranean region. It has gray-green foliage that is arranged in flat sprays and produces small cones. Apart from this, it has various synonyms, such as Italian cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, Mediterranean cypress, pencil pine, and funeral cypress. These synonyms are used interchangeably to describe the cypress tree either for its landscape beauty or its symbolic significance. The Mediterranean Cypress is widely planted as an ornamental tree and has become an iconic symbol for Italy, where it has been used for centuries to line driveways, gardens, and city streets.

Synonyms for Mediterranean cypress:

What are the hypernyms for Mediterranean cypress?

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