What is another word for Metabolic Disorders CNS Inborn?

Pronunciation: [mˌɛtəbˈɒlɪk dɪsˈɔːdəz sˌiːˌɛnˈɛs ˈɪnbɔːn] (IPA)

Metabolic disorders CNS inborn refers to a group of conditions that affect the central nervous system due to abnormalities in metabolism. Synonyms for this term include inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) of the central nervous system. These disorders are characterized by impairments in the body's ability to convert food into energy, leading to an imbalance of chemicals and substances in the brain. Other synonyms for metabolic disorders CNS inborn are inherited metabolic diseases affecting the central nervous system. These conditions can cause a wide range of symptoms, including developmental delays, seizures, intellectual disabilities, and movement disorders. Early diagnosis and appropriate management are vital for individuals impacted by these disorders to ensure the best possible outcomes.

What are the opposite words for Metabolic Disorders CNS Inborn?

The antonyms for the term "metabolic disorders CNS inborn" are "healthy metabolism, normal CNS function, acquired disorders." A healthy metabolism refers to the efficient conversion of food into energy by the body, while normal CNS function means efficient communication and functioning of the nervous system. Acquired disorders refer to health issues that are not present at birth, but occur later in life due to external factors. These antonyms illustrate the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent the development of metabolic disorders and CNS inborn diseases. Adequate exercise, a balanced diet, and regular check-ups with a healthcare professional can help promote good health and prevent the development of health issues.

What are the antonyms for Metabolic disorders cns inborn?

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