What is another word for moon daisy?

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[ mˈuːn dˈe͡ɪzi], [ mˈuːn dˈe‍ɪzi], [ m_ˈuː_n d_ˈeɪ_z_i]

Moon daisy is a common name for a beautiful and delicate flower that blooms at night. Its scientific name is Leucanthemum vulgare, but it is also known by other aliases. Some synonyms for moon daisy include oxeye daisy, white weed, dog daisy, and field daisy. Regardless of the name they are given, these flowers are known for their white petals and yellow center, and are often used in wildflower bouquets. They are also known for their resilience to harsh weather conditions and ability to thrive in various environments. Whether called moon daisy or by its many other names, this flower is a symbol of purity and innocence.

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How to use "Moon daisy" in context?

The moon daisy (Heliotropium arvense) is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. It is found in eastern Canada, the eastern and central United States, Mexico, Central America, the South America, and Europe.

The plant grows to a height of . The flowers are white, with a central yellow disc and five yellow petals. They are pollinated by moths, which are attracted to the nectar that is in the flower.

The moon daisy is used for medicinal purposes in some countries. In some people, it is used to treat anxiety, depression, and headaches.

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