What is another word for more hard hearted?

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[ mˈɔː hˈɑːd hˈɑːtɪd], [ mˈɔː hˈɑːd hˈɑːtɪd], [ m_ˈɔː h_ˈɑː_d h_ˈɑː_t_ɪ_d]

The phrase "more hard-hearted" refers to a person who lacks empathy or compassion and is often used to describe someone who is stubbornly indifferent to the suffering of others. Synonyms for this phrase include callous, unfeeling, cold-hearted, unsympathetic, unresponsive, and indifferent. These words describe someone who appears to be incapable of feeling emotions or is indifferent to the welfare of others. They may display a lack of remorse or concern for others and seem to take pleasure in the suffering of others. Using these synonyms can help convey a clearer picture of someone who is more hard-hearted, making it easier to describe and understand their behavior.

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How to use "More hard hearted" in context?

There's more to being hard hearted than just being impulsive and unyielding. There's a certain toughness that comes with having a thick skin and refusing to be easily discouraged. In fact, hard heartedness can be a good thing, because it makes you immune to BS and insincere pleasantries. And when it comes to making tough decisions, a hard hearted person is more likely to take the path of least resistance. So if you're looking to be someone who's not easily discouraged or swayed by others, a hard hearted attitude may be the way to go.

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