What is another word for most imprecise?

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[ mˈə͡ʊst ˌɪmpɹɪsˈa͡ɪs], [ mˈə‍ʊst ˌɪmpɹɪsˈa‍ɪs], [ m_ˈəʊ_s_t ˌɪ_m_p_ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈaɪ_s]

Synonyms for Most imprecise:

How to use "Most imprecise" in context?

Most imprecise words are not mistakes, but actually words that can be interpreted in many different ways. They result in ambiguity, which can make communication difficult. Here are six examples of most imprecise words:


This is an example of an imprecise word. It can be interpreted in many different ways, including as a place, a time, or a measure. This ambiguity can make communication difficult.

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