What is another word for natural person?

Pronunciation: [nˈat͡ʃəɹə͡l pˈɜːsən] (IPA)

A "natural person" is a legal term referring to an individual human being, as opposed to an organization or legal entity. Synonyms for "natural person" include "real person", "human being", "individual", or simply "person". These terms highlight the distinction between an actual living person and an artificial entity, such as a company or a corporation. The use of synonyms allows legal documents and discussions to accurately differentiate between legal entities and actual people involved in various matters. Understanding these synonyms can be crucial in any legal context to ensure precision and accuracy in defining the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals.

What are the opposite words for natural person?

The term "natural person" refers to an individual who is alive and breathing, as opposed to an artificial or legal entity such as a corporation or trust. Its antonyms can be generally classified into two categories: non-human entities or non-individual entities. Examples of non-human entities can include animals, plants, or even robots, while non-individual entities can include organizations, virtual or imaginary characters, or supernatural beings. Some possible antonyms for "natural person" include "artificial person," "corporate entity," "non-human entity," "fictional character," "supernatural being," "artificial intelligence," and "organization." However, these antonyms may not directly oppose the concept of a "natural person" since they have distinct legal and metaphysical implications.

What are the antonyms for Natural person?

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