What is another word for Natural Products?

Pronunciation: [nˈat͡ʃəɹə͡l pɹˈɒdʌkts] (IPA)

When thinking about natural products, several synonyms come to mind. One alternative term is "organic goods", which refers to products derived from plants or animals cultivated without the use of synthetic additives or chemicals. Another synonym is "eco-friendly products", highlighting the emphasis on sustainability and the minimal impact these items have on the environment throughout their entire lifecycle. "Green products" also serves as a synonym, alluding to the environmentally responsible practices involved in their production. Similarly, "sustainable products" emphasizes the notion of long-term viability, ensuring that resources are preserved and regenerated. Lastly, "clean products" denotes the absence of harmful substances, providing consumers with a sense of assurance and safety when using them.

What are the opposite words for Natural Products?

The opposite of natural products could be synthetic or artificial products, which are manufactured or made from chemical or synthetic compounds in a laboratory setting. Unlike natural products, synthetic products are not derived from natural sources and may contain harmful chemicals, toxins, or other harmful substances that can cause harm to the environment or human health. Due to increasing awareness of the negative impact of synthetic products on human health and the environment, natural products are becoming more popular as people are choosing to use products that are healthier and eco-friendly. Some examples of natural products include essential oils, herbal remedies, natural skincare and beauty products, and organic foods.

What are the antonyms for Natural products?

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