What is another word for northerns?

Pronunciation: [nˈɔːðənz] (IPA)

Northerns, also known as northern pike, are popular game fish found in freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams throughout North America. These fish are characterized by their elongated body, sharp teeth, and voracious appetite. Synonyms for the term 'northerns' include northern pike, jackfish, and snot rocket. Northern pike are often referred to as 'water wolfs' due to their predatory nature and their sharp teeth that resemble those of wolves. In addition to their fearsome reputation, northerns are also highly prized by anglers for their delicious meat, making them a popular target for fishing enthusiasts. Despite their formidable reputation, northerns are an important part of many freshwater ecosystems and provide an important food source for many other species of fish and wildlife.

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Famous quotes with Northerns

  • As much as I loved the ideas, I excelled at experimental failure, I found new ways to make experiments not work. I would mess up PCRs, add the wrong buffers, northerns, westerns, southerns. I would make them not work in quite ingenious ways, and I realized slowly, over the course of those years, that the secret to being a great scientist is to love the manual labor of it.
    Jonah Lehrer

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