What is another word for nuclear disarmament?

Pronunciation: [njˈuːkli͡ə dˌɪsˈɑːməmənt] (IPA)

Nuclear disarmament refers to the process of dismantling and eliminating nuclear weapons around the world. However, there are several synonyms or alternative phrases that can be used to refer to this process, such as nuclear disarmament treaty, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear abolition, and disarmament of nuclear weapons. Other phrases that may be used to describe this process include nuclear weapon-free zones, global zero, and nuclear weapons ban. All these phrases have the same underlying meaning of eliminating nuclear weapons and promoting peace, but the wording and emphasis may differ depending on the context in which they are used.

Synonyms for Nuclear disarmament:

What are the hypernyms for Nuclear disarmament?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Nuclear disarmament

  • I've also gotten to play in front of a million people in Central Park when there was a grass roots movement calling for nuclear disarmament - it was about 1982 - they called it Peace Sunday.
    Jackson Browne
  • Mick Jagger and I just really liked each other a lot. We talked all night. We had the same views on nuclear disarmament.
    Jerry Hall
  • Let me remind you that nuclear disarmament is not just an ardent desire of the people, as expressed in many resolutions of the United Nations. It is a legal commitment by the five official nuclear states, entered into when they signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    Joseph Rotblat

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