What is another word for obesogenic?


[ ə͡ʊbˌɛsə͡ʊd͡ʒˈɛnɪk], [ ə‍ʊbˌɛsə‍ʊd‍ʒˈɛnɪk], [ əʊ_b_ˌɛ_s_əʊ_dʒ_ˈɛ_n_ɪ_k]

Obesogenic, a term used to describe environments that promote obesity, can be expressed differently while retaining its core meaning. Synonyms for this adjective encompass several variations that highlight different aspects of its definition. "Fattening" implies the tendency to cause weight gain or promote obesity. "Obesity-inducing" emphasizes the specific outcome of increasing one's weight significantly. "Weight-gaining" underlines the process of acquiring additional pounds. "Unhealthy" denotes adverse effects on one's well-being, including weight gain. Lastly, "calorie-laden" underscores the excessive calorie content that contributes to weight gain. These synonyms help articulate the concept of obesogenic surroundings, emphasizing the detrimental impact on individuals' health and weight management.

What are the opposite words for obesogenic?

The word "obesogenic" refers to any environmental factor that promotes or contributes to obesity. Some possible antonyms for this term might include words such as "healthy," "active," "fit," or "nutritious." These words suggest the opposite of the sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to obesity. Other possible antonyms could include "low-calorie," "low-fat," "low-carb," "organic," or "plant-based," all of which describe foods or diets that are less likely to cause weight gain. By using antonyms for "obesogenic," we can promote healthier behaviors and choices that can improve overall health and well-being.

What are the antonyms for Obesogenic?

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