What is another word for Olfactory Seizures?

Pronunciation: [ɒlfˈaktəɹˌi sˈiːʒəz] (IPA)

Olfactory seizures, also known as phantosmia seizures, represent an abnormal brain activity triggering hallucinations primarily related to smell perception. These episodic occurrences stimulate the sense of smell, conjuring odors that are either non-existent or differ greatly from the actual environment. The term "olfactory seizures" can be interchanged with alternative phrases such as "olfactory hallucinations", "sensory seizures" or "smell-related seizures". These synonyms emphasize the connection between abnormal brain activity, hallucinations, and the olfactory system. Understanding these alternative terms helps raise awareness, facilitate communication, and allow for more effective explanations of the peculiar sensory experiences individuals with these conditions may encounter. Having a versatile vocabulary is crucial in enabling comprehensive discussions within the medical community and among patients and their families.

What are the antonyms for Olfactory seizures?

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