What is another word for on base?

Pronunciation: [ˌɒn bˈe͡ɪs] (IPA)

On base is a commonly used term in sports, particularly in baseball. However, there are several synonyms that may be used to describe a player in terms of their positioning on the field. These include phrases such as "reached base," "got on base," and "got to first." Additionally, baseball commentators may use more casual language when describing a player on base, such as "he's standing over there at first," or "he's got his foot on the bag." Regardless of the specific phrasing, the underlying meaning is the same: the player has successfully reached a base and is in position to continue advancing around the field.

Synonyms for On base:

Famous quotes with On base

  • It's always frustrating when you leave people on base.
    Danny Bautista
  • When I was up there at the plate, my purpose was to get on base anyway I could, whether by hitting or by getting hit.
    Shoeless Joe Jackson
  • When you get on base, holes open up and things happen and you're able to find a way to score runs.
    Nick Johnson
  • I loved to hit with men on base and with the game on the line.
    Willie Stargell
  • Solo homers usually come with no one on base.
    Ralph Kiner

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