What is another word for Oncorhynchus keta?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒnkɔːhˌɪnt͡ʃəs kˈɛtə] (IPA)

Oncorhynchus keta, or the chum salmon, is a species of fish found in the Pacific Ocean and adjacent rivers and tributaries. It is one of the five Pacific salmon species and is valued as a commercial and sport fish. Other synonyms for Oncorhynchus keta include dog salmon, silver-bright, keta salmon, fall salmon, and calico salmon. The fish is known for its distinctive spotted pattern and its firm, pink flesh. Chum salmon can be found in the waters of Alaska, Russia, and northern Japan, and their migration patterns make them an important component of both marine and freshwater ecosystems. So, it is a valuable fish species for the economy and ecological balance.

Synonyms for Oncorhynchus keta:

What are the hypernyms for Oncorhynchus keta?

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