What is another word for Order Anura?

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[ ˈɔːdəɹ anjˈʊ͡əɹə], [ ˈɔːdəɹ anjˈʊ‍əɹə], [ ˈɔː_d_ə_ɹ a_n_j_ˈʊə_ɹ_ə]

Synonyms for Order anura:

How to use "Order anura" in context?

The Order Anura contains a large number of frogs and toads of diverse sizes and shapes, as well as newts and salamanders. These creatures are found in tropical and subtropical areas around the world.

Frogs have distinctive legs that are used to hop and jump. Most toads have smooth skin and a sturdy body. Newts and salamanders have more slender bodies, and their skin is more sensitive to the touch. All of these creatures have eyes, nostrils, and a mouth.

Different anurans have different hunting and mating habits.

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