What is another word for Order Ictodosauria?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːdəɹ ˌa͡ɪktədəsˈɔːɹi͡ə] (IPA)

The Order Ictodosauria refers to a group of reptiles that lived during the Triassic period, characterized by their elongated snouts and numerous teeth. This order is also known by several other names, including Thalattosauria, which means "sea lizard," in reference to their aquatic lifestyle. Additionally, some experts use the term Paraplacodontia to describe these animals, highlighting their specialized teeth. Others may refer to them as Mixosauria, based on the mix of features they exhibit. Despite these different names, all of these terms refer to the same group of fascinating prehistoric creatures that give us insight into the diversity of life that existed millions of years ago.

Synonyms for Order ictodosauria:

What are the hypernyms for Order ictodosauria?

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