What is another word for Order Pezizales?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːdə pˌɛzɪzˈɑːləs] (IPA)

Order Pezizales is a group of fungi that includes species that have cup-shaped or disc-shaped fruiting bodies. Commonly known as cup fungi or discomycetes, these organisms are distributed worldwide and play important roles in ecological processes such as decomposition and nutrient cycling. Synonyms for Order Pezizales include the Ascomycota, which is the phylum that comprises the group, and the Pyrenomycetes, which is another class of discomycetes. Additionally, the terms apothecial fungi and apotheciate fungi are sometimes used to refer to the cup fungi, highlighting the characteristic cup-shaped structures of the fruiting bodies. Overall, these synonyms highlight the diversity and importance of the Order Pezizales in fungal taxonomy and ecology.

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