What is another word for over ruling?

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Overruling, the act of reversing or invalidating a decision or action, can be expressed through various synonyms. One alternative to overruling is the term "overturning," which also conveys the idea of annulling a previous determination. Another synonym for overruling is "reversing," which underscores the idea of completely changing a previous ruling. Additionally, "nullifying" and "cancelling" can be used to signify the act of declaring something void or invalid, thus overruling a previous decision. In legal terms, "vacating" or "quashing" may be used to indicate the setting aside of a ruling. Overall, the use of synonyms can provide nuance and clarity to the act of overruling.

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    How to use "Over ruling" in context?

    An over ruling is when a higher court decides a case that conflicts with the previous court's decision. This can occur when a court finds that the previous decision was wrong or when a new law comes into effect that changes the context of the old decision. An over ruling can also occur when a lower court decisions is overturned on appeal.

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