What is another word for over throw?

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Overthrow refers to a sudden and violent removal of a ruling group or government from power. There are various synonyms that can be used instead of the word "overthrow". Some of them include depose, topple, dethrone, oust, remove, unseat, and dislodge. Depose implies the removal of a leader through a formal authority, while topple suggests the sudden defeat of a regime through a rebellion or a coup. Dethrone suggests that a monarch or a ruler has been stripped of their power, while oust indicates the forceful removal of an individual from their position. Remove, unseat and dislodge generally suggest the removal of someone or something from power, authority or position.

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    How to use "Over throw" in context?

    When describing an overthrow, one often thinks of a military coup. However, a successful overthrow can also take place through less-diplomatic means, such as a popular uprising. In order for an overthrow to take place, there must be a CAUSE, an OPPOSITE SUFFIX, and a RESULT.

    The CAUSE is the reason why the people are unhappy with the ruling regime. The OPPOSITE SUFFIX is what replaces the old regime with the new one. The RESULT is the change in government, and the change in government can be either good or bad.

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