What is another word for overhear?

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[ ˌəʊ_v_ə_h_ˈiə], [ ˌə͡ʊvəhˈi͡ə], [ ˌə‍ʊvəhˈi‍ə]

Synonyms for Overhear:

overhear (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Overhear:

  1. clear, beer, jeer, cheer, hear, sphere, deere, peer, sear, sneer, fear, deer, sere, year, veer, tear, dear, shear, rear, blear, lear, smear, leer, near, gear, speer, spear, meir, ear, here, sheer, pier, steer, mere;
  2. severe, amir, zaire, appear, unclear, sincere, austere, career, emir, premiere, cashier, revere, veneer, adhere, rehear, frontier, premier;
  3. chevalier, insincere, pioneer, belvedere, volunteer, brigadier, interfere, cavalier, engineer, financier, souvenir, reappear, auctioneer, bandolier, chandelier, disappear, persevere, mutineer, commandeer, domineer, gondolier;

Quotes for Overhear:

  1. Shakespeare will not make us better, and he will not make us worse, but he may teach us how to overhear ourselves when we talk to ourselves... he may teach us how to accept change in ourselves as in others, and perhaps even the final form of change. Harold Bloom.
  2. Perhaps, as some wit remarked, the best proof that there is Intelligent Life in Outer Space is the fact it hasn't come here. Well, it can't hide forever- one day we will overhear it. Arthur C. Clarke.
  3. In a city where you walk around, it's impossible to plan your day and your life as accidents will happen, you'll overhear things, bump into people, and take unexpected turns. Jason Schwartzman.