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[ pˌat͡ʃa͡ɪdəmˈɑːtə], [ pˌat‍ʃa‍ɪdəmˈɑːtə], [ p_ˌa_tʃ_aɪ_d_ə_m_ˈɑː_t_ə]

Pachydermata is a term used to describe a group of thick-skinned, large mammals that includes elephants, rhinoceroses, and hippos. However, this scientific name is not commonly used in everyday language. Instead, people often refer to these animals using more recognizable terms such as elephants, tusked giants, gray giants or gentle giants. Alternatively, rhinoceroses can also be called horned creatures, armored mammals or tank-like animals. Hippos may be referred to as river horses, water horses or river monsters. These synonyms provide a more approachable way to describe these fascinating creatures, inspiring awe and wonderment in those who come across them.

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    Usage examples for Pachydermata

    Pachydermata, 59, 74. Padivil, the great tank, 262. Pallegoix, on the elephants of Siam, 98 n.
    "Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon"
    J. Emerson Tennent
    The two examples of the exhumation of Pachydermata in a fresh state, which I have given in detail, are by no means the only cases that have occurred.
    "The Romance of Natural History, Second Series"
    Philip Henry Gosse

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