What is another word for place mat?

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[ plˈe͡ɪs mˈat], [ plˈe‍ɪs mˈat], [ p_l_ˈeɪ_s m_ˈa_t]

Place mats, also known as table mats, are used to protect the dining table from spills, stains, and heat. There are a variety of synonyms used to describe place mats, depending on location and culture. For example, the British refer to them as table mats, the French call them sets de table, and the Italians use the term tovagliette. In the United States, placemat is the most commonly used term, but you may also hear them referred to as place settings, table runners, or even charger plates. Regardless of the name, place mats are an essential part of any dining table setting, providing both style and functionality.

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