What is another word for political system?

Pronunciation: [pəlˈɪtɪkə͡l sˈɪstəm] (IPA)

A political system is a term that represents the processes, principles, and strategies adopted by a nation to govern its people and allocate resources. However, there are various synonymous terms, such as a regime, a governing system, a political framework, a management structure, and a governance system. Similarly, other synonymous terms can also include power structure, the ruling apparatus, governing machinery, governing regime, and command system. Moreover, the term political system also defines several philosophical, sociological, and economic perspectives, such as democracy, socialism, communism, capitalism, and authoritarianism. Hence, the usage of these synonyms in political discussions and debates represents the intricacy and adaptability of political systems around the world. However, it is essential to note that these synonymous terms do not reflect the same political structure, but rather define the varying paradigms of governance.

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Famous quotes with Political system

  • It is simply the truth that the political system that I am part of has degenerated to the point that it needs fundamental change.
    Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
  • I think the Iraqi people have shown extraordinary patience and courage in the last few months. They have really put a political system on the way to success, to a real democracy here.
    Paul Bremer
  • I don't think we have very good records about what they were thinking except, as I pointed out earlier today, that they did invent our political system.
    David R. Brower
  • And the political system is changing rapidly in this country, and we better realize that. The elephants or donkeys are not what younger people look to. They look at individual candidates' philosophy, and I think it's a different time and a different generation.
    Richard M. Daley
  • I am proud to be in the Senate. I have always been proud to be a part of our political system. It is a remarkable privilege to participate in this system of ours.
    Byron Dorgan

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