What is another word for pre-tensions?

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Pretensions are claims or aspirations that someone has with regards to their abilities, accomplishments or status. There are several synonyms for pretensions including ambitions, aspirations, pretenses, airs, postures and affects. Each of these words carry a slightly different connotation, and can be used in different contexts to convey a similar meaning. For instance, aspirations refer to the strong desire to achieve something, while pretenses refer to the act of pretending or feigning something. Ambitions are a more general term that refers to the goals or dreams that a person has for themselves, and postures and affects typically describe the way someone presents themselves to others.

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How to use "Pre-tensions" in context?

What are "pre-tensions"?

The dictionary definition of pre-tension is "a state of being tense or alert before an event occurs." This is what we commonly refer to as "anxiety." Our body is constantly reacting to stimuli in order to ensure our safety. Things like fear, anger, and happiness can all cause changes in the body's physiology in order to prepare us for an encounter or situation.

However, sometimes these reactions can become excessive and cause tension in the body. This tension can manifests itself in numerous ways, including physical discomfort, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating.

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