What is another word for pro visions?

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"Provisions" refers to the necessary supplies or provisions that are required for meeting a specific requirement. Synonyms of this word include provisions, supplies, materials, stock, stockpile, resources, food, rations, stores, equipment, gear, fittings, and tools. All of these words indicate items or resources needed for a specific purpose, such as survival or work. Some synonyms of "provisions" can refer specifically to food and drink, while others are more general and encompass a wider range of items necessary for survival and productivity. The specific synonym used will vary depending on context, but all synonyms of "provisions" highlight the importance of having access to necessary resources.

Synonyms for Pro visions:

How to use "Pro visions" in context?

What are pro visions?

Pro visions encompass an organization's/business' complete vision and mission. They are an organization's/business' guiding stars and a source of inspiration for people and actions. A pro vision provides a shared understanding, purpose and meaning that everyone in the organization/business can endorse and feels ownership in.

A good pro vision inspires people and gets them excited about the organization's/business' goals. It inspires people to come together and work together to achieve it, and helps them feel a sense of personal ownership in its success.

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