What is another word for pro-mises?

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Promises are commitments made with the intention of fulfilling them. However, sometimes we use synonyms to add variety to our writing or express the same idea with a different tone or nuance. Some synonyms for "promises" include "pledges," which also connotes a sense of solemn commitment, and "vows," which carries a deeper sense of obligation and an almost solemn tone. Other synonyms for "promises" include "oaths," which are often used when emphasizing the seriousness of a promise, and "commitments," which conveys a sense of responsibility towards the promise. Whatever word is used, it is important to ensure that the promise is kept.

Synonyms for Pro-mises:

How to use "Pro-mises" in context?

A promise is a commitment to do something. It is a statement you make to yourself or to another person. A promise can be small, like telling yourself you will finish your homework, or it can be large, like promising to help your friend find a new job.

There are a lot of reasons to make promises. Sometimes we make promises to do something out of guilt or because we want to seem helpful. Other times we make promises to keep our own morale high. But the best reason to make promises is because we care about the other person.

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