What is another word for prostatic adenocarcinoma?

Pronunciation: [pɹəstˈatɪk ˌadənˌɒkɑːsɪnˈə͡ʊmə] (IPA)

Prostatic adenocarcinoma is a term used to describe a type of cancer that occurs in the prostate gland. This condition is also referred to as prostate cancer or carcinoma of the prostate. Other synonyms for prostatic adenocarcinoma include malignant neoplasm of the prostate, prostate gland cancer, and prostatic carcinoma. Doctors may also use the term adenocarcinoma of the prostate to describe this condition. While prostatic adenocarcinoma is a serious condition, it can often be successfully treated with early detection and appropriate medical care. If you suspect you may have symptoms associated with this condition, seek medical attention immediately.

Synonyms for Prostatic adenocarcinoma:

What are the hypernyms for Prostatic adenocarcinoma?

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