What is another word for quadrate ligament?

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[ kwˈɒdɹe͡ɪt lˈɪɡəmənt], [ kwˈɒdɹe‍ɪt lˈɪɡəmənt], [ k_w_ˈɒ_d_ɹ_eɪ_t l_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə_m_ə_n_t]

The quadrate ligament is a fibrous band that connects the liver to the diaphragm in the human body. However, there are a few synonyms for the term quadrate ligament. Some of the alternative names include the transverse hepatic ligament, the suspensory ligament of the liver, and the hepatocaval ligament. Another term that is sometimes used to describe the quadrate ligament is the hilar plate. These synonyms are often referenced in medical literature and conversations, as they help medical professionals and researchers to communicate clearly and effectively about the anatomy of the human body.

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