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Random number generators (RNGs) are essential in various fields, including statistics, cryptography, gaming, and computer simulations. However, there are different synonyms for RNGs, depending on the context and purpose. For instance, in the field of cryptography, RNGs are commonly known as cryptographically secure random number generators (CS-RNGs). In gaming and gambling, they may be referred to as pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs), as they produce random-looking numbers that satisfy statistical tests but are deterministic. Other synonyms for RNGs include stochastic number generators, statistical generators, and entropy sources. Regardless of the definition or name, RNGs play a crucial role in ensuring fairness, security, and robustness in various applications that require randomness.

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    How to use "Random number generators" in context?

    Random number generators are a fundamental tool in computer science and statistics. They provide a means of generating sequences of real numbers uniformly at random.

    Random number generators are used extensively in games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. They are also used in probability and statistics, for instance in the study of random variables.

    To produce a random number, some kind of seed is required. Thisseed can come from environmental noise, or it can be a random value that the generator has been initialized with. Once the seed has been obtained, the generator produces a sequence of numbers according to a certain pattern.

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