What is another word for re-laxation?

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Relaxation is something that everyone needs in their daily routine. It helps to relieve stress, improve mental health, and increase productivity. There are many synonyms for relaxation, including rest, repose, calmness, tranquility, serenity, peace, ease, comfort, leisure, and rejuvenation. These words all describe the state of being free from tension and stress. Taking time for relaxation can be achieved in many ways, such as through a peaceful walk in nature, a soothing bath, listening to music, or engaging in a hobby. Regardless of how one chooses to relax, it is important to prioritize this downtime and ensure it is a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.

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How to use "Re-laxation" in context?

The word "relaxation" is derived from the ancient Latin word "relaxare", meaning "to put to rest, to take ease". In classical philosophy, relaxation was seen as one of the main goals of life. Aristotle believed that a life lived in accordance with nature, or the "four causes", was the most relaxed way to live. In the 1970s, however, the focus of relaxation shifted from the inner workings of the mind to the outer workings of the body. The field of relaxation psychology was born.

Today, relaxation techniques are used throughout the world by people of all ages and professions.

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