What is another word for retrieves?

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[ ɹɪtɹˈiːvz], [ ɹɪtɹˈiːvz], [ ɹ_ɪ_t_ɹ_ˈiː_v_z]

If you're looking for other ways to describe the action of retrieving something, there are several synonyms that can be useful. "Recovers" is one example, as it can refer to regaining something that has been lost or damaged. "Retakes" is another possibility, especially in situations where something was taken by force or stolen. "Reclaims" can also work in cases where you're regaining something that rightfully belongs to you. Other options include "fetches," "brings back," "recoups," and "salvages." Depending on the context, different synonyms may be more appropriate, but all of these options capture the idea of retrieving or recovering something that was lost or taken away.

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    How to use "Retrieves" in context?

    Retrieves is a verb meaning to collect or pick up, typically by carrying. The noun form is a retrieval, which is a copy of something that has been removed or forgotten.

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