What is another word for Rhinoceros Antiquitatis?

Pronunciation: [ɹa͡ɪnˈɒsəɹəs ˌantɪkwɪtˈɑːtiz] (IPA)

Rhinoceros antiquitatis, commonly known as the woolly rhinoceros, was a large, prehistoric species that roamed the earth during the Ice Age. Although the species is now extinct, it continues to fascinate scientists and researchers who are constantly searching for synonyms to describe this majestic creature. Some common names used to refer to Rhinoceros antiquitatis include the tundra rhinoceros, woolly-nosed rhinoceros, woolly horned rhinoceros, and the Siberian unicorn. Regardless of the name used, there is no denying the awe-inspiring majesty of this fascinating prehistoric creature, and its place in history continues to capture the imagination of those who are interested in the natural world.

Synonyms for Rhinoceros antiquitatis:

What are the hypernyms for Rhinoceros antiquitatis?

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