What is another word for root for?

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[ ɹˈuːt fɔː], [ ɹˈuːt fɔː], [ ɹ_ˈuː_t f_ɔː]

When you're cheering someone on, you might say you're "rooting for" them. But it's always good to have some synonyms in your vocabulary, so here are some other ways to express your support. You could say you're "backing" someone, or maybe "cheering on" or "encouraging" them. If you want to get a little more enthusiastic, try "championing" or "boosting" them, or even "propping them up." Alternatively, you could express your faith in someone by saying you "believe in" them, or that you're "confident" they'll succeed. Whatever word you choose, make sure your support comes through loud and clear!

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How to use "Root for" in context?

Sports typically involve individuals rooting for their own team to win. But what if rooting for another team leads to enhanced physical and mental well-being?

According to a study published in the journal Sport and Exercise Psychology, rooting for a losing team can actually lead to better physical health. The study's authors analyzed data from 808 Division I collegiate athletes over a period of two years.

Participants were asked how much they rooted for their team during contests and how their physical health was affected. Results showed that those who said they root for their team frequently had better physical health.

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