What is another word for sailings?

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[ sˈe͡ɪlɪŋz], [ sˈe‍ɪlɪŋz], [ s_ˈeɪ_l_ɪ_ŋ_z]

Sailing is an enjoyable activity but when it comes to writing, it's always better to have a wide range of synonyms for the word sailing. These synonyms can be especially useful in creative writing, travel journals, or adventure stories. Some synonyms for the word sailing include boating, cruising, navigating, floating, rowing, sailing, seafaring, and voyaging. Depending on the context, each of these synonyms can provide a unique perspective to a story or piece of writing. For instance, seafaring and navigating could imply a more professional or navigational context, while cruising and floating could be used to describe a leisurely or relaxed sailing experience.

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    Sailings, which refers to the action of sailing or traveling by water, has several antonyms depending on the context. Some antonyms include walking, driving, flying, and any other means of transportation that does not involve traveling through water. If we consider sailings as departing from a place, antonyms can be arriving, landing or docking. On the other hand, if sailings refer to a successful performance, antonyms can be failure, flop or disaster. In short, sailings is a term that has a variety of antonyms, depending on the sense in which it is used.

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    Just try to get a clear idea of the different sailings mentioned and the theory of Dead Reckoning in Arts.
    "Lectures in Navigation"
    Ernest Gallaudet Draper
    Like a steamer which has altered its sailings, he made it no longer a port of call.
    "The Tempering"
    Charles Neville Buck
    I became engaged in an intricate case, having to do with a leak concerning transport sailings and routes-a matter involving the lives of thousands of our boys, millions of dollars in supplies, and I went to Brest, under cover.
    "Flowing Gold"
    Rex Beach

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