What is another word for Saudi Arabian?

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[ sˈa͡ʊdi əɹˈe͡ɪbi͡ən], [ sˈa‍ʊdi əɹˈe‍ɪbi‍ən], [ s_ˈaʊ_d_i_ ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_b_iə_n]

Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a Middle Eastern country with many synonyms to describe its people or things related to the country. The most common synonym for Saudi Arabian is "Saudi," and the demonym for someone from Saudi Arabia is "Saudi Arabian" or "Saudi." Other synonyms for Saudi Arabian include "Arabian," "Saudi Arabian national," "Saudi Arabian resident" or "Saudi Arabian citizen." In addition, when referring to people or things from a specific region within Saudi Arabia, names such as "Hijazi" for people from the western region or "Najdi" for those from the central region can also be used.

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