What is another word for Sciaena Antarctica?

Pronunciation: [sˌa͡ɪəɹˈiːnəɹ antˈɑːktɪkə] (IPA)

Sciaena Antarctica, commonly known as the Antarctic cod, is a species of fish found in the cold sub-Antarctic waters. Synonyms for Sciaena Antarctica include Notothenia rossii, N. ithys, N. neglecta, and Dissostichus mawsoni. These synonyms differ in their taxonomic classification, such as species or genus, and are used by researchers and scientists to refer to the fish in different contexts. The Antarctic cod serves as an important food source for marine mammals and humans alike, and its conservation is crucial for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem in the sub-Antarctic region.

Synonyms for Sciaena antarctica:

What are the hypernyms for Sciaena antarctica?

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