What is another word for sea slater?

2 synonyms found


[ sˈiː slˈe͡ɪtə], [ sˈiː slˈe‍ɪtə], [ s_ˈiː s_l_ˈeɪ_t_ə]

Synonyms for Sea slater:

  • n.

    Other relevant words: (noun) sea louse (noun)

How to use "Sea slater" in context?

The sea slater is the only member of its family found in the Pacific. It is a small, delicate animal that lives on the ocean floor. It is an invertebrate that has an unarmored body and long antennae. The sea slater uses these antennae to sense its environment. The sea slater eating habits are unknown, but it is thought that the animal eats small invertebrates.

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