What is another word for seize with teeth?

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[ sˈiːz wɪð tˈiːθ], [ sˈiːz wɪð tˈiːθ], [ s_ˈiː_z w_ɪ_ð t_ˈiː_θ]

Seizing with teeth refers to the act of biting or chomping down on something with one's teeth. There are several synonyms for this phrase, including gnaw, nip, crunch, chomp, bite, and devour. These words all imply a forceful action involving the teeth, and can be used to describe both animals and people. For example, a dog might seize with teeth on a bone, while a person might chomp down on a juicy burger. The specific word used often depends on the context and the intensity of the action being described. Whether it's a gentle nibble or a ferocious bite, there's a synonym for every type of toothy action.

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