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[ sˈi͡ənəs], [ sˈi‍ənəs], [ s_ˈiə_n_ə_s]

"Serene" is an adjective that refers to a state of peaceful calmness or tranquility. There are several synonyms for "serene" that convey similar feelings, including "calm," "peaceful," "tranquil," "placid," "still," "undisturbed," "harmonious," and "quiet." These words are often used to describe natural settings such as lakes, forests, and mountains, as well as people who exude a sense of calm and collectedness. "Serene" is also a popular term used in meditation practices, as it is associated with a sense of inner peace, balance, and mental well-being. Whether referring to a physical or emotional state, these synonyms provide similar connotations to the word "serene".

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Usage examples for Sereness

He looked at his father and his mother, withered to sereness by their unrelenting battle with a life that had all been frostbite until even their power of resentment for its injustice had guttered out and dried into a dull acceptance.
"When 'Bear Cat' Went Dry"
Charles Neville Buck

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