What is another word for serialised?

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Serialisation is the process of presenting a story in parts over a period of time. It's a popular format for many forms of media, including books, TV shows, and podcasts. If you're looking for synonyms for the word "serialised," try using terms such as "episodic," "serialized," "installment-based," or "chapter-based." These words all convey the idea of presenting a story in bite-sized pieces, with each part building on the last. Whether you're a writer looking to serialize your work or a reader looking for a new serial to follow, these synonyms will help you communicate the concept of serialized storytelling clearly and effectively.

Synonyms for Serialised:

How to use "Serialised" in context?

Serialized fiction is a storytelling format in which a story is presented as a series of episodes or installments. This is often done in order to increase readership, as readers can "follow" the story in a more episodic manner than with a traditional novel.

Serialized fiction has been a popular format for novels, comic books, and television shows for decades. The "Doctor Who" television franchise has been serialized since its inception in 1963, with each new season featuring a new set of episodes.

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