What is another word for smooth-leaved elm?

Pronunciation: [smˈuːðlˈiːvd ˈɛlm] (IPA)

Smooth-leaved elm, also known as Ulmus Minor, is a deciduous tree species commonly found across Europe and Asia. This tree species is characterized by its smooth, dark green foliage and its ability to grow up to a towering height of 30-40 meters. Due to its stately appearance and the elegance it adds to any environment, it's often referred to as the "small-leaved elm", "fine-leaved elm" or "narrow-leaved elm". Other words that can be used as synonyms for smooth-leaved elm include "slender-leaved elm", "silk bark elm" and "field elm". The Ulmus Minor is also a popular choice for urban landscaping and has a strong, durable wood that's often used in carpentry or woodworking.

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