What is another word for soft spoken?

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[ sˈɒft spˈə͡ʊkən], [ sˈɒft spˈə‍ʊkən], [ s_ˈɒ_f_t s_p_ˈəʊ_k_ə_n]

Soft-spoken is an adjective used to describe someone who has a gentle and quiet speaking voice. However, there are many other synonyms that can also be used to describe a soft-spoken person. Some of them are mild-mannered, quietly spoken, subdued, gentle-voiced, low-key, hushed, meek, mellow, calm, and tranquil. All these synonyms possess the same or similar meanings to the word soft-spoken. They all denote someone who speaks in a polite and gentle way, which can reflect someone's personality and demeanor. Using these synonyms, you can make your communication more diverse, expressive, and precise, while still conveying the same message.

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    Synonyms for Soft spoken:

    What are the opposite words for soft spoken?

    Opposite to soft-spoken is loud voice. Loud-voiced people speak in a way that is forceful and dominating. They project their voice and often speak in a tone that can be heard from a distance. In contrast, soft-spoken people speak in a gentle and calming tone. Another antonym for soft-spoken could be outspoken, which refers to people who are willing to express their opinions candidly and openly. They are known for being direct and sometimes even blunt. Finally, we have aggressive as another antonym. Aggressive speech is characterized by a forceful and sometimes threatening tone that seeks to intimidate or dominate others.

    Famous quotes with Soft spoken

    • Mrs. Parks was a shy, soft spoken woman who was uncomfortable being revered as a symbol of the civil rights movement. She only hoped to inspire young people to achieve great things.
      Jim Costa

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