What is another word for soft-handed?

Pronunciation: [sˈɒfthˈandɪd] (IPA)

Soft-handed is a phrase commonly used to describe someone who is gentle or delicate in their touch or actions. However, there are several synonymous expressions that can convey a similar meaning. The term "tender-handed" emphasizes a gentle touch, while "delicate-handed" highlights someone who handles things with care. "Gentle-handed" implies a soft touch without causing harm, and "light-handed" suggests a delicate touch that applies minimal pressure. "Mild-handed" conveys a sense of being considerate and restrained in actions. All these synonyms capture the essence of being soft-handed and describe individuals who handle with grace, gentleness, and delicacy.

What are the opposite words for soft-handed?

Soft-handed is a term used to describe someone who is gentle and tender while performing a task. The opposite of soft-handed could be hard-handed, which implies roughness or forcefulness. Hard-handed individuals tend to handle tasks with more force, often with little regard for finesse or delicacy in their work. The word insensitive or unfeeling could also be antonyms for soft-handed, which are common among individuals who lack tact and act harshly towards others. Likewise, uncaring, callous, and indifferent are synonyms used to describe someone who is not considerate of others' feelings or handles tasks without care. Overall, the antonyms for soft-handed involve negative traits that are not desirable in professions that require personal attention or gentle handling.

What are the antonyms for Soft-handed?

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