What is another word for somatic cell nuclear transfer?

Pronunciation: [səmˈatɪk sˈɛl njˈuːkli͡ə tɹˈansfɜː] (IPA)

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, also known as SCNT, is a technique used in nuclear transfer where the nucleus of a somatic cell is transferred to an egg cell that has had its nucleus removed. This process is commonly used in animal cloning and has also been used for human embryonic stem cell research. There are several synonyms for SCNT, including somatic cell cloning, nuclear transplantation, and cell nuclear transplantation. Another technical term is enucleation, which refers to the removal of the nucleus from the egg cell before the transfer of the somatic cell nucleus. Ultimately, all of these terms reference the complex and controversial process used in research and technology advancements in cloning and stem cell research.

Synonyms for Somatic cell nuclear transfer:

What are the hypernyms for Somatic cell nuclear transfer?

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